Traveling To The Conference

Visa Requirements

Delegates from United States receive their visa on arrival. Delegates from other nations will need to secure your visa prior to travel. Please contact your South African Embassy/Consulate near you or check online to find out the easiest way to do this.

Air Travel

Some of the Middle Eastern airlines including Emirates have direct flights to Durban. If you are travelling on other airlines, you will have to clear immigration and customs in Johannesburg and take a connecting flight to Durban. Before you leave from home, make sure to send an email with your travel details to Our team members will be at the Durban airport to receive you.


We will be providing free accommodation to delegates from third world nations. For others, if you can afford a hotel room, it is available at different levels and charges. Please try to book rooms through us. This will facilitate the transportation.

The photo on the left shows the host committee. They are available to help you with your needs.


Delegates staying with host families will arrive at Christian Revival Center, Chatsworth daily for the morning sessions and will go back home at the end of the day with them. Transportation will be provided for delegates staying in hotels. Everyone will be picked up from the airport and dropped back to the airport. 

Sight Seeing on Saturday

We are arranging sight seeing for international delegates on Saturday, September 16. It will include the famous allegator park and a safari through the lions park. 

Contact Us For More Info

We live around the world. Because of the time difference, the best way to communicate is through email. Send your queries to We will promptly give you a reply.